I will advertise for you on my daily blog

 I will advertise for you on my daily blog

Hello dear friends!

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I will advertise for you on my daily blog

How to Build Your Own T-Shirt Company with Teespring


How to Build Your Own T-Shirt Company with Teespring

If you haven’t heard of teespring.com, it’s time you do. Teespring makes it easy for anyone that wants to create and sell t-shirts to do just that. You simply design your shirt using the designer tools that they provide, then set your price, add a goal and begin to sell. It sounds pretty simple right? What many aren’t aware of is that teespring.com has changed the way in which t-shirts are made, you could say they’ve revolutionize t-shirt manufacturing.

Teespring has created a way that automates t-shirt manufacturing, which until recently was considered a very labor intensive undertaking. They have also automated the shipping process through the use of custom built software and some developer services.

Evan, from teespring.com says, “I built out an entire admin app for non-technical people to manage the platform.

We wanted people to be able to design their t-shirt, launch a campaign, gather orders and tip the campaign, and then have those t-shirts printed and delivered with the fewest possible number of human touch points we could get.”

Every day their printers have new jobs assigned automatically. The number of jobs is based on the capacity of each printer. The jobs awaiting printing can be seen in the queue or printer portal.

One of the biggest challenges they faced was the design of an automated system to generate the shipping labels. It’s also been a huge thorn in their side, what with domestic and international addresses and the fact that people enter information differently this was a real challenge for Teespring. In fact, for a long time they had a full time developer that did nothing but correct address inputs. But that’s all fixed and running very smoothly now.

Evan and Walker met while they were both attending Brown. Evan was a computer science major while Walker was a freelance design and front end developer. They clicked instantly. Some of their earlier endeavour didn’t get off the ground, but Teespring, which was developed in their senior year, was different. It was a hit from the very beginning selling more than 300 shirts in the first 24 hours the site was live. Today, it has morphed into something even more. Today many entrepreneurs have discovered a way that they can make not just a little money but a reasonable income. There’s some real potential here and now would be a great time for you to explore this a little further to see what it can do for you.